Yet another issue which needed attention. The "ear" to one to screw slots on the light housing
had been broken off (the insert is of the right side)
The resolution is to cut some
pieces to fit from sheet plastic.

The nice thing about plastic is that
with the right choice of glue, you
can create a solid durable "fused"

There are two layers here. From
this side you can see the "ear"
glued into place....
The Second layer is laminated over
the top and back onto the housing...
there is a little step in the housing
which allows the laminated plastic to
be glued flush with the top of the
light housing. This works out
perfect. This is stronger then
The yellowing of age cuts down on the brightness of the display lights. Restoring the
reflective gloss finish helps to bring back the bright display.
Getting rid of the yellowing surface can only be done one way... you have cover it.
The simplest way to do this to just paint it. The choice of paint is important, I use an
oil based paint that is designed to resist yellowing with age. I reduce this with a small
amount of thinner. The solvent will help create a tenacious bond with the plastic. The
oil paint will give you a durable reflective finish. The meter housing is given the
same treatment.
This is going to give us a great
looking display.
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