Power supply...
The next step was the power supply board. This requires the removal of the back panel from the frame as well as the shield that covers the RCA jacks. Here I have removed some of the caps. You can see some glue that will need to be cleaned up.
With everything loose and pulled back, there is ample room to work on the board here.

The glue is cleaned up, new caps are installed, as well as a zener diode.

The board is washed  and defluxed and while the back is off, it too is cleaned up. The RCA jacks and hardware are dismantled from the back panel. The panel is washed and the RCA jacks are polished (sorry... I did not get photos of the disassembled back panel).

Incidentally, The frame is cleaned around each section as they are worked on. During this time I unbolted the transformers and lifted each one off the frame for cleaning.

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