I am throwing in this picture here to demonstrate an important rule when working on the rectifier boards of a KA-9100, or if you plan on removing any of the output sections. REMOVE THE MAIN SUPPLY CAPACITORS FIRST!!! The residual charge in the capacitors is enough to fry the output module should a wire or tool touch across wire warp post or solder joints.

While removing the solder from the cap joints, remember to cover or shield the post around the joints. Don't touch the soldering iron to any of the post or... poof!!!. I clip the wire leads because this isolates the output sections. I will replace the leads with new wire after the caps are out (more on that on the next page)

Heat the solder and remove the bulk with a good solder sucker. Clean up the remaining solder with solder wick. Once the caps are free, remove the retainig screw to the clamp and pull the caps free of the unit.
As a passing note... you can see the tall bulbs that someone used as a replacement for the meter lights.
Ok, on with the work.
Here we are disassembling one of the output sections. You can see how dry the heat compound has gotten.

Lots of flux on this board.
Clean !!!

New caps installed, new thermal compound applied, and installed back onto frame. After the heatsink has been cleaned up, it will also be mounted back on the unit.
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