Here is another issues. One of the capacitor's was bulged. It tested good, but I suspected it was
not up to the job. Here's the thing with capacitors.... Often a cap will test good becuase it holds a
charge just fine. However, the internal resistance has gone through the roof. This affect the
capcitors  charge/discharge cycle. You get a lazy capacitor, and under load the voltage will begin
to drop.

I cut the vent hole open to check the condition of the cap. I knew that once I did this the cap was
trash as it would create a leak where the electrolyte would flow out (but I suspected it was Dry
anyway). Indeed, it was as dry as a bone... not one drop of electrolyte.
Replacement caps are a high quality computer grade cap from BC (Computer grade caps are very
quiet in operation).

Here is a sneak peek (from the completed amp) to show you how they look installed.
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