Here we have the front-end stripped down. Always look scarier then it is. Switches
are treated with DoxIt, and everything is washed and de-fluxed.
The meter board gets a new set of precision trim pots, as well as new caps.
Wait a minute... this ain't right...
Here is the diode substitution noted on page one.
Here we have a rectifier set up using two
dual diode devices. One is "common
cathode" and one is "common anode"

Originally, this used two complimentary
TO-66 devices (1S2724S and 1S2724R).
These devices have been out of production
for a long time.

This replacement device performs the
needed function. However, I don't like this.

1) The leads are not well Isolated from the
metal plate

2) the devices are not well matched (I would
have replaced the pair instead of just one)

3) lots of wires here

I decided to create a whole new