I mark the connectors to the output section prior to removal. I use a series of dots and lines to
identify the order and side. This makes assembly easier. I use a black marker for this. I remove the
marks after assembly with a solvent (lacquer thinner) and a cotton swab.
OK, Here is the hard part... getting the power supply out without screwing something up...
I set the amp on its side (transformer side down) and loosen all the wires from the wiring retainers on the
bottom side of the frame. I clip the plastic ties around the power supply and board that bind the wires
together. The wires need to hang loose and be free of the frame... really, you can't get the PCB out of the
frame without doing this!!! Then I loosen the capacitor bracket cinch screws so that the caps will slide
down. Next I remove the metal brackets from the power supply PCB. Some of the screws in the back side
are hard to get too. To make this easier I remove the screws that fasten the back panel to the frame. This
allows the panel to swing back an inch or so, and it will give more room for the screwdriver.

The Capacitors and power supply PCB will slide out through the bottom as one unit. Take your time and
move the caps and PCB a little at a time.
Here, the Power supply PCB and caps are out of the unit. Some wires need moved to the sides to
allow the board and caps to roll over and set on the bench surface. This is as far as one needs to go to
clean an work on the board. For a complete strip down such as I am doing here, I have to unsolder the
wires that come form the transformers. This allow the board and caps to be removed from the amp as a
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