This is as far as anyone really need to go in stripping down an AU-717

Stripping the unit further, really only needs to be done if there are extenuating circumstances, such as rust, or damage that warrants replacement. Or, you could just be a crazy perfectionist such as me. I don’t recommend going any further unless you are very detailed-oriented, and patient.


In order to strip the back panel off I will need to clip the two power cord wires at the back of the AC out let on the back panel. Then I unsolder the speaker output wires at the back of the terminals, and clip the two wires from voltage selection jumper. Then I remove the push rivets and screw that retain the RCA inputs boards (see below). Then the back panel can be removed.

The push rivets are glued in. This makes them hard to salvage. I used to go to a lot of effort to get these out in
one piece... not easy. But... good news!!! You can purchase new ones. I got them from Mouser electronics.
There are two sizes used on the AU-717 (.220 x .135  & .280 x .135 / part # 561-SR-13522 & 561SR13828). So
now I clip the backs of the rivet off with a set of miniature diagonal cutters, or just pull them out...   careful!!!
donn't scratch the panel!!!
Now I  can remove the PCB from the back panel. To free the pannel from the frame, clip the AC wires as noted
above (there are only 4 wires to clip).
I mark and disolder the tranformer wires from the wiring bolck. Remember... too much heat and you can
damage the block and/or wire insulation. Damaged insulation means you will need use shrink tube to cover
the wire during reassembley (the insulation must run right up to the solder joint to insure the wires will never
touch in operation), and you can't clip the wires back, There is not enough free wire to allow for this!!!
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There you have it... one set of free fame panels ready for cleaning and/or repair...
Getting the Back Panel Off