This amp was in working condition when I received it. However, it has some major problems.
  • As you can see, the amount of dirt which has accumulated is extreme.
  • The DC offset on the right channel was at 870 milliamps!!! This is very close to tripping the protection circuit. It was causing audible clipping on that channel.
  • It was missing two aluminum push button caps. The plastic retainers (inserts) were present, just the aluminum covers were gone.
  • Shipping damage: This unit was packed poorly and it took a hard hit to the back and a lesser hit to the face. All the bakelite hardware on the back was broken or cracked, and it dented the panel. The speaker selector switch was broken due to the hit to the face (I offered to pay extra for proper packing, but I was assured it would be packed right. Ahhh well, here's my rant, Some folks just don't understand the harsh handling packages get during shipping and the extra care and packing material needed for objects over 25lb. If you can't toss your boxed item across your garage without damage, it's not packed well enough)
Kenwood 700M Restoration
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