Here, we have a picture of the broken bakelite. All the outlets had the anchor tabs broken. The fuse holder was cracked nearly in half. After weeks of looking (on-line searches and phone calls), I found exact bakelite replacements for the outlets. The fuse holder was exact in dimensions and electrical specifications, but lacked the white embossed lettering on the face. I looked everywhere for bakelite hardware... very hard to come by (most are made of modern plastics). I almost gave up looking and considered using super glue, as bakelite and CA glue is a perfect match. It creates an indestructible bond. If you attempt to re-break a glued joint it will break somewhere else the joint will stay intact. But I could not bring myself to install anything but the best in this rare high-end amplifier, so I kept looking
Bakelite replacment AC outlets
Original speaker selector switch (on left) and a drop-in replacement. These are mini switches that measure less then an inch across. As with the bakelite, the replacement switch was not easy to come-by. I found several inferior open frame switches, and several enclosed switches that did not meet the current and voltage specs of the original. I finally found one from Grayhill. This is a very high-end (and expensive) switch with a mill-spec approval for use in military weapon systems. Grayhill manufactures components, displays, and other products for rough service, such a military, police, and medical industries. This switch not only surpasses the electrical specs of the original, but is as tough as nails also.
Broken switch parts caused by
an impact to the switch knob
during shipping.
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