Power Supply Capacitor
This Cap was shot. It was not supplying the needed voltage to one side (too much
internal resistance). Seems easy enough... but this is a special cap. It is actually two
capacitors in one package. The solution is to mount two standard capacitors in its
place, without butchering the unit. My goal was to create a PC board that would
mount into the same screw holes used by the original capacitor clamp.  Also, the
setup must hold the replacement cap's so that the posts aligned exactly as the
original capacitor posts. The idea is to eliminate any rewiring... a drop-in solution as
they say.
I used a heavy clad (1oz) commercial board and spent several days designing the board layout. I
shortened the board by 1" in length and 1/4" in width, so that is had the proper footprint to fit in
the space of the original capacitor.  Once masked with the ever-handy Sharpie marker, it was
ready to be etched in a solution of ferric chloride.
New mounting
hardware to
space the board
1/4 inch above
the chassis.
Bread board layout...

Notice the notch in
the corner. This was
added to clear the
opening in the
chassis (for wires)
Soldering completed and traces "tinned", it is ready
for the unit...
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