On this one, I decided to go through the front-end, and then the back-end. Here, I am stripping the front
After removing all the frame
panels, I stand the unit up
on end. The controls hang
loose. Panels and front half
of the frame are washed.

Each of the front-end
boards will be examined,
cleaned, and receive a new
set of caps.
Push Button Switches
Front-end Disassembly
These are sealed units. I used my micro drill to drill a
small hole in the corner of each switch. These can be
resealed after cleaning, with a small amount of gap
filling CA glue if desired.

This allows the DeoxIt applicator to reach across to
both contact rails. I was able to place a drop on each

Note the burned resistor in the upper right corner.
This is a metal oxide resistor. They use this type
because they can take a lot of heat... and have good
tone qualities. The resistor was still functional, but I
replace any suspect components. The replacement
resistor is also metal oxide (sometimes called "flame
proof resistor"). It is the modern equivalent.

You can see them installed on the finished board.
This picture was taken after reassembly.   
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