Power Supply
The 5W resistor on the power supply
board had badly burned the insulation
and wire. Even the wire was burned
black and I am amazed it conducted
any current at all. I am sure the
resistance in this short little wire was
quite high.

These wires should have been looped
the other way (with the blue one). That
is what I have seen in all the other
2230's I have worked on. The person
who put this together at the factory
must have been a "rookie".

surprisingly there was no failure here
(electronically speaking). But it was a
bad situation. It was just a matter of
time before it did fail (a failure 30 years
in the making).
the 150 ohm resistor was fine... but it was
too large for the space. I replaced it with a
10W that did not have the bulky corners.
You can see the new Resistor provides much more room. It stands up
off the board, well away from any other component. The replacement
will allow the whole board to run cooler becuase it provides better

R801, R803, R804, H807 (zener),were also replaced,  as well as the
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This resistor is really too large for the
space. It is factory original, but it runs
hot (by design) and sits close to several
other components. You can tell from the
discoloration on the board that it was
slowly cooking everything close to it.