Marantz 2230
The Marantz 2230 is one of my favorite "small" receivers. It has the same amp section as the Marantz 1060 integrated amplifier (also one of
my favorites in the < 40 watt class). It does not have the horse power to be a party machine, but it has great sound and good design. This unit
had the typical layers of dirt. The cosmetics were good however. Electronically this unit had a slew of issues.

* Badly toasted left channel
* The main supply caps were oversized (physically) and I do not believe the were original
* 5W resistor on the power supply board had burned through the insulation of a wire
* Bad "stereo" pilot light driver (transistor)
* Dial lights were burned out
* Bad selector switch
In this write-up, I am not going to cover every step in detail. Disassembly, servicing of switches, cleaning of the face plate, knobs, and frame
was all completed in much the same way as prior projects documented on this website. There are a lot of steps left out of this write-up such
as cleaning and detailing the boards on the under side, wiring harness, tuning capacitors, transformer and rear panel. There was too much
material to cover. Covering the high-lights still produced 9 pages of documentation. Needless to say, every board, switch, frame section and
component was examined, cleaned, and detailed. The important thing is that you get to see the finished results at the end of the write-up....

Covered here are those things that needed special attention, modifications/updates, repairs, and other notable or interesting work that was
needed to bring this unit back from the brink....

Working on the 2230 is unremarkable and is fairly straight forward. After initial evaluation, the unit was worked on section by section,
removing each PCB, where it was cleaned, component checked, and repaired (if needed). The frame/chassis area was thoroughly cleaned
before reassembling and moving to the next section. A complete strip down was not necessary because the frame was rust free, and in
excellent condition.
Below: wood case had a handful of mars. Some penetrated the finish and left a notable mark in the veneer. However, none
penetrated the the veneer, so this can be made presentable.
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