AudioKarma - the #1 forum for audio related info and discussion
The Vintage Knob - A great reference site for vintage audio gear
Classic-Audio - another reference site for Marantz, Technics, Pioneer
Classic Sansui - Sansui appreciation web site
Best of Sansui - lots of Sansui history on this site
Audio Innovation - a German site with good pictures and info (if you can read German)
Antique Radios - lots of pictures of very old (and some very odd) things
Silver Pioneer Stereo Collection - cool pioneer site
Audio Reference
Vintage Speakers
Human Speakers - Vintage EPI and Genesis
Ohm - You can still get part for some of the old ohm seakers
Test and Measurement
Discover Circuits - lots of electronic projects
The Inflation Calculator - A cool tool to see hat the vaule of money is today - tons of electronic component information - My favorite conversion site
Transistor and Diode Data - Lettering and numbering standards
HyperPhysics - This is a great site for learning!!!
Animated Knots By Gorg - learn how to tie knots!!!
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