Kenwood KA-9100
This unit was in working order, however it needed serviced, and cleaned. The unit would not play on two channels at once
without fiddling with all the switches.  
Cosmetics were only fair at best. The face had a multitude of scratch and dings, but the cover and back were very nice
shape, albeit dirty. However, I had a pristine face plate and knobs on hand for one of these, so these blemishes could be
over-looked. The object of this rebuild was to bring the unit back into operation specs, and to do what we could to improve
the cosmetic appearance. Nothing too elaborate would be done here (no plating, lighting changes, modification, etc..).
However, we did run into trouble finding the right sized supply caps for this which caused a little extra work.

Other minor issues I noted as I got into the unit was:
1) the meter bulbs had been replaced with the tall elongated style bulb which touched the top of the light housing and
 prevented the rubber base from seating in the cut-out. They were just laying half in and half out of the light housing.
2) The audio leads from equalizer board to the preamp were not routed correctly
3) The red power LED was not installed and was dangling freely in the unit
4) The unit had more then its share of dirt. This is most notable in the last picture at the bottom of this page
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