Kenwood KA-907
This amp was in good shape functionally. A
couple of switches were a bit dirty, and it
had the standard collection of dust and
grime from years or use.

I could see that this was not assembled with
the care of older units.  The hast of
assembly showed in the installation of the
output transistors, and the way the
components were loaded on the board
(bent, twisted, crooked, etc.). Many of the
components were inserted unevenly, and
soldered into place with them leaning and
touch components around them.  If you look
at the photo of the power supply board you
can see some of the black poly caps like
this... but there were many, including
diodes and resistors.

My goal here, was to groom the boards,
clean the posts, and surfaces, and install a
complete new set of capacitors.
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