Audio Gear
for Parts and Restoration
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I am always looking for audio gear that can be used for parts or can be restored. If you have a receiver, amplifier,
integrated amplifier or preamp, that is beat up and/or broken, or even one that is in good working and cosmetic
condition that you would like to get out of your closet, basement, or garage, please send me e-mail.
Shipping is always a problem and adds cost to any transaction. Sometimes a unit can be stripped for just the
needed parts. This cuts the cost of shipping substantially by eliminating the heaviest parts (Transformers and frame
components). On the other hand... there are a number of reasons for shipping a unit complete...

1) The unit has problems but is cosmetically good and is a candidate for restoration
2) The unit is in good cosmetic and operational condition
3) The owner does not have the tools, time, knowledge, or desire to strip a unit down.
4) The unit is very high-end, or vary rare

Shipping can add anywhere from $50 - $100 to a transaction. This has to be considered when evaluating the value
of a unit.
Initial email will determine if the unit is going to be stripped and sent as parts, or will be sent complete. Often, all that is
required to make the determination if a unit is a "parts donor" is the manufacturer, model, and operational condition.
Sometimes, the cost of shipping out-weighs the value of the unit (in any condition), and for others, any cosmetic issues
will relegate the unit to the "parts donor" class.

A word about parts...
Many of the parts used in vintage gear can not be obtained today. The only way to keep some units running is to obtain
parts form a donor. Don't toss your broken gear out!!! I have paid a lot for parts and place a premium on them. Just
because your unit may not be a candidate for restoration does not mean it does not have value. If the thought of having
a cherished part of you past stripped for parts puts you in a twist, think of it as a chance to bring new life to others. We
really do not want gear from the great "golden age of audio" ending up in a land fill or recycle bin because a small little
part could not be found.

It is clear that everyone's standard of "cosmetic condition" is subjective. I have been burned several time on peoples
"word" on cosmetic condition. So, before a values is set and before a unit is sent "complete" I will always ask for photos.

Money is sent via paypal or cashier's check.

For units that are sent complete, shipping is through Federal Express. I have had too many issue with UPS and USPS.

I make shipping as painless as possible (for the right gear)...
For many units,  I often ship the box, packing material, return label, shipping account number, and cashier's check (if
applicable), to the owner. All the owner has to do is...
  1) Open the box
  2) Remove top foam pads, return label, and cashier's check (if applicable)
  3) Drop the unit in the box
  4) Replace the foam pads
  5) tape the box up
  6) affix the return label
  7) Return to Federal Express.   

No cost or fuss for the owner.  I do this for two reasons...

First, I have been burned too many times due to poor packing, and have received too many smashed-up units. Suppling
the shipping material and providing a return method ensures safe transport.

Next,  it makes for a smooth and painless transaction for the seller. Many times obtaining materials for packing a single
shipment of this nature can be costly and time consuming. It often makes the difference between selling and not selling,
or selling to local area only.

For units I don't send packing and shipping material for, I will want an understanding of how the unit will be packed. I will
require units to be packed in a large over-sized double walled box. I will want to know what type of padding will be used.
Use my "how to pack" page as a guideline. It is not the only way to pack safely, but it works.