Accuphase E-202
This unit had the typical layers of dust... the face had some minor scratches, frame and panels were excellent,  
and the unit was generally very presentable.

Accuphase has a reputation for building some of the finest gear anywhere, so I was anxious to get this running.
However, I was to find that this one was not going to be an easy fix.

On my initial examination, I found that the unit would stay in protection mode.  I could see the emmitter resistors
on the left channel were cracked. I could also see two other suspect resistors on this board.

On a closer look, I discover that this channel had suffered a catastrophic failure. Once I had the unit apart and
started checking components, I found the amout of damage was extensive:
1) Six bad resistors
2) Two bad driver transistors
3) Two cracked emitter resistors
4) three (of the four) bad output transistors

I also discovered that the output
transistors had been soldered into the
sockets on both channels!!! Impossible to
remove without destroying the
socket/transistor. Some hack had been
working on this... Bad Karma. I hate getting
units that have had questionable repairs.
But I found no further "damage" beyond

I found a transistor and resistor
substitutions in the protection circuit that
were not right, and a substitution in the
rectifier (I remedied these).  
I had a brand new set of TO-3 sockets to
put into this, so nothing lost here.

All this is covered in detail on the
following pages...