Sansui AU-717
This unit was in fair operational condition when I got it. The Face was in pristine condition until the shippers
got a hold of it. It received a large ding to the upper left corner. Again, poor packing was to blame. The
seller used wadded news paper and an inadequate box, turning a perfect example into a "scratch and dent"
(I just don't get it).

The controls were very dirty, causing the channels to dropout. Voltage adjustments were substantially
"out-of-whack". DC off set was at 70mv(left) and 40mv(right). The bias on both channels was at 4mv
(should be 20mv).
I start by stripping the front panel off first. It comes off quickly and allows better access to the inside.
Next, I pull the output sections, and loosen the screws holding the back panel. The Power supply in the 717
is one of the most difficult boards to access on any amplifier. It is not a job for the faint hearted. I strip the
unit down like this because you will need all this room to get the power supply board and Caps out. The unit
can be stripped to this point in 20 minutes.
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